Although most houses are sold through a real estate agent, many sellers decide to sell on their own. Many situations occur when you want to sell your home without going through an agent. For example, you may be relocating and purchase of your new home is dependent on sale of your current property. You may want to avoid paying the roughly 6% of sales price in commissions, or avoid having showings scheduled during all hours of the day. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell without an agent, you need to have a plan to get it sold. We have provided some steps bellow that may assist you.

Research the market. Before you decide on selling your home without an agent, you need to get a pretty good idea of value. The investment firm, Whitestone Acquisitions, is happy to provide a complimentary, home value analysis at!sell-your-home/cx3. You can also search values on popular public websites such as Trulia and Zillow. Please note, sometimes do not provide the most current sales information. Also Zillow, even states on their website, that the “zestimate” is just a “starting point to determine home’s value”. Also consult your current tax value, but keep in mind that the assessment rate is generally 80% of value.

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Determine the right time to list. Sellers can be more successful at certain times of the year. You may want to sellbefore school begins, and not near the December holidays.In the middle of the school year, you might not get interest in your single family home since a large majority of your potential buyers do not want to uproot their children from their current school district. However please keep in mind that when homes are priced appropriately, and show as described by owner, you can sell any time of year. Also, if you plan to sell to investors, they generally buy year round.

Find buyers. If you are going to sell your house fast, you will have to find buyers. List your home on the numerous websites dedicated to for sale by owner properties. Contact companies like Whitestone Acquisitions that purchases properties AS-IS year round in Texas and Colorado. You also can use online advertising to sell your home. Talk to friends and family to see if they know anyone looking for a home in your area. Use social media to showcase your house.

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Price your home properly. After doing your research in Step 1, you can list it at an appropriate price. Try to take a step back and look at your home objectively. Does it need updating throughout? What is the condition of the “big expenditure” items such as foundation, roof, and HVAC system?

Prepare your home for showings. Get rid of the clutter. You could rent a storage facility and take out anything that might detract from potential buyers. Remember though, investors such as Whitestone Acquisitions truly purchase AS-IS and can even assist you in removal and donation of unwanted items. Consider getting professional pictures done.

sell house fast Houston

Sell it. Accept the offer that makes the most sense to you and gives you the most back into your pocket. Take into consideration everything, and not sales price alone. Look at close date, earnest money, Title Company, option/inspection period and buyer’s proposed financing.You can obtain the appropriate state’s contracts and addendums online, however it is advised to have a real estate attorney review if you choose to do draw it up yourself. Investment companies like Whitestone Acquisitions is made up of licensed agents and brokers to ensure the real estate contract is accurate and valid.

If you have questions about selling your home without an agent, or finding out what your home is worth, you can find the answers online at