Considering DIY Remodeling?

Many people decide to embark on a DIY remodeling adventure because they think it will save them money. Can’t be that hard to knock out a wall or lay tile in a kitchen, right? The popularity of DIY and remodeling television shows have also likely increased homeowners putting in some of their own sweat equity, especially when they are looking to sell.

For small, simple cosmetic projects, DIY remodeling can be a worthwhile venture. But for major repairs or renovations that will actually pay for themselves by adding substantial value to the home, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

What Are You Getting Yourself Into?

You’ll discover a number of unexpected costs when you tackle a project of that scale. You’ll have to rent speciality tools, equipment, and dumpsters. Production waste disposal will need to be purchased and scheduled. You’ll make a number of extra trips for supplies because you underestimated what or how much you’d need. Jobs like this always multiply in scope!

Horror stories abound from people who bit off way more than they could chew, but there seems to be a pattern among the more common mistakes. Be sure you do your research when planning a project!

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the easiest way to add value to a home. For amateur contractors, these are also the easiest places to find complications. Faucet placement is misjudged and the water doesn’t end up in the sink like it’s supposed to. Improperly sealed tubs, toilets, and sinks can result in expensive water damage to the surrounding floors and walls. Kitchen counters end up mismeasured. Cabinets are poorly designed and inefficient. Appliances don’t fit where they’re supposed to, or overload the circuits they run on.

Time Is Money!

Time is money, too, and you’ll be investing a lot of yours in these projects. A reputable crew can be hired to complete remodels quickly and efficiently. DIY remodeling, however, is a major time commitment even if you have some help. Please keep in mind that living in a space constantly under construction can be frustrating and demoralizing! Imagine not being able to use your own bathroom or even having to stay with relatives because flooring is being installed throughout your home.

If you want to become a DIYer, there are plenty of resources and step by step videos online. With proper project planning, it is very possible to save money and add value to your property, whether it be for resale or for your own enjoyment.

If you, like so many other people, need to get a home ready to sell but want a fair offer without the extra work, please contact our team today to discuss your options. It’s nice to have an AS-IS offer in hand as you begin to calculate the expense of your own remodeling project.

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