Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay commissions?

NO. We don’t make commissions for buying your home.


How much can you buy my house for? 

Our process involves assessing repairs/overall condition, recent sales and rent comparables (depending on area) to determine our AS IS offer. We will happily breakdown exactly how we arrive at our offer. We want you to be comfortable with us & be assured that you received a fair offer for your property.


Can I sell a home that is Tenant occupied? 

Yes, we do buy homes that are Tenant occupied and abide by terms of the lease. 


Do I need to make any repairs?

No, we specialize in properties that need work. In fact, we buy “AS-IS”, which means exactly that to us. We will assist with unwanted item removal and donation to local charities.


This property is currently involved in a legal proceeding. Don’t I need to wait until the case is closed/resolved?

We include a provision in the contract that protects all parties involved when a court hearing is pending.  The clause will protect you from any liability if for whatever reason you are not declared to have the full right to sell the property.


Do we have to close in 2-3 weeks? What if I need longer?

Yes we will work with your unique situation and longer closings are generally not an issue.